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Maziar Qaseminejad
Founder, owner, director


MA in Architecture
University of Tehran, 2000

Mahnaz Ziaee
Director, owner


Green Architecture
Algonquin College, Ottawa, 2020

MA in Architecture
University of Tehran, 2006

Mohsen Maleki

Prof. Engineer (Australia)

BSc. in Mechanical Fluid Engineering
University of Mazandaran, 2002


Alireza Abdolmalaki
Chef Administer

BSc. in Mechanical Engineering, Azad University in Mash-had

MSc. in Industrial Engineering, Systems' Analysis, University of Nour

Mohamad Qaseminejad
Site Engineer

BSc. in Civil Engineering, Azad University, 2010

Ehsan Rahili
Structure Engineer

BSc. in Civil Engineering, University of Shiraz, 1993

MA in Building Renovation, University of Arts

Foad Rakhshan
HVAC/ Energy Transfer Engineer

BSc. in Mechanical Engineering, Technical U of Shahroud, 2006

Dr. Akbar Qolizadeh

PhD in Macroeconomics, University of Tehran

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