Piramoon Architects Co. is a registered company for engineering services in 2001 in Tehran, dedicated for planning, designing and supervising the projects. Piramon Architects is an authorized company for governmental funded projects as well as private sector investments. The name of the company does not necessarily refer to architects only since we are a compound of several experts.

We believe sustainability need some futuristic and creative ideas respecting the natural and cultural environments while architects are trained for finding different solutions.

Please do not hesitate to download files in this page but please be informed that the documents are prepared in Persian language only.


شرکت مهندسان مشاور مهرازان پیرامون

معماری و توسعه پایدار

رتبه سه رسته ساختمانهای عمومی مانند درمانی، فرهنگی، ورزشی و مانند اینها 

برای کسب اطلاعات بیشتر درباره این شرکت لطفن فایل‌های همین صفحه را دانلود کرده و ملاحظه فرمایید.

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