Wildlife Safari Park

Kish Island, Persian Gulf, Iran

The economy of Kish island highly relies on the number of the visits, therefore to amuse the tourists that are mostly from Iran mainland is a vital matter. So Kish Free Zone allocated a 210 Ha of its valuable lands to implement to a Public Safari Park. People will also familiarize with some endangered animals of Iran so the environmental responsibilities is considered at the same time. We predicted 6 Ha public park and the rest of the land is a safari park. The project is on going and the safari park is expected to be opened by January 2018. At the moment more than 160 gazelles are living in the park and the next step is to import Persian fallow deers after some simple infrastructures (vets, water, etc) is provided.

Our company was responsible to do surveys, develop and plan the idea of the park, design major infrastructures, estimating and providing tender documents.

The best experts of Iran were supporting us to select the best fauna and flora to display in this ecosystem.

Project code : 339-93

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