Heritage Survey

6 Counties in Khuzistan Province, Iran

This project was an amazing, intensive and complex experience. The client, Khuzistan Provincial Department of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicraft, hired us to do a heritage survey for six counties. The time was so limited as well as their budget so we decided to arrange a team of local specialists and to contract a local office as our partner. The staff worked and prepared documents at the office closed to the project sites instead of working in Tehran. The contract had two main parts. In first step, we had listed 552 tangible and intangible heritage resources were widespread in cities, villages, or nomad camps sometimes in remote mountain areas, where some local people or shepherds reported strange things. In the second step, a committee within client’s organization selected 177 of them and our task was to fill out appropriate official forms for each. We succeeded to complete the research timely at very tough situations. The client was satisfied with the output of the project. Some of the files have been approved and designated by National Heritage List Bureau later.

Project code : 255-87

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