New building in a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Behshar City, Mazandaran Province, Iran

The building consists of new offices for the mayor, council members, and managers along with some amenities. Behshar is a vibrant historic community since the 1570s from the era that Safavid enjoyed it as one of their summer capitals. Because of that, several traditional gardens were built inside or around the city that are listed by the Department of Heritage in Iran, and by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 2011.

Piramoon Architects was honored of to be introduced to the City by the Department of Heritage thanks to the deep understanding of our team in terms of cultural design issues and requirements.

The project is still waiting for approvals of the City council from 2010 likely because of some balances of the power!

Project code : 271-89


The garden (Bagh-e Shah) is shown with its cedars in this satellite image. The location is circled by yellow color and there is a regular building that was planned to be demolished.


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